What We’re Working On: High Grove Project Plan

This week, we are finally photographing our High Grove Project, so you’ll see some juicy reveal photos soon!

In the meantime, I’m sharing some of the key elements that we incorporated into this design!

Don’t know what project I’m talking about? Check out this post first then come back!

Now that you’ve met our client Tracee, it’s time to show you the plan we developed specifically with her in mind, and how we incorporated her artwork and favorite colors into the design.


After interviewing Tracee to get an understanding of her wants and needs for her space, we scheduled a site visit to actually see the space in person before we developed our design plan.

During that visit, Tracee showed us her extensive, one-of-a-kind art collection made up of pieces that she has collected during her international travels over the years.

What Tracee didn’t realize (but we quickly did) was that there was actually a consistent color theme throughout nearly all of the pieces.

The pieces didn’t feel “matchy matchy” at all, but that consistency of color gave us a great jumping off point for the design!

She also happened to have this really great teal color as an accent wall in the dining room.

But, before we could really dive into colors, though, we had to start where every good design does–by establishing the function, flow and layout!

DESIGNER TIP: No matter how beautiful a room is, if it doesn’t address the main functions of the space and/or the furniture layout prohibits easy traffic flow throughout the room, it’s not a great design!

Here’s how we addressed each of the zones in Tracee’s space:

The Living Room

Although Tracee is a busy professional who needs a comfortable place to relax between shifts, she also loves to host the occasional cocktail party!

Her current furniture layout wasn’t really maximizing the space. Although all of the furniture pieces hugged the walls, the space still felt a bit cramped.

We created a space plan using some of her current pieces and a few new pieces to give her lots of seating options without blocking walkways or making the space feel too crowded.

You’ll notice from our floor plan that we changed the placement of the sofa. It now sits in front of the bank of windows.

Now, instead of seeing the side profile of the sofa upon entering the room, Tracee can enjoy the more attractive, front view of the piece.

Next, we swapped the credenza from the far right wall to the left wall. This way, the TV isn’t quite so prominent, and because Tracee likes to lie down on the sofa to nap and watch Hulu, this gives her a comfortable angle to do this.

Her current chairs were too big and boxy, but Tracee is a fierce salvage hunter, and she had scored these great, tulip shaped accent chairs. They offered lines that complimented the mid-century vibe, and the footprint of each chair was smaller, so we could easily fit two of them across from the sofa.

The only seating we actually purchased for this space was a sleek, leather lounge chair that faces the credenza, and new counter stools.

The leather chair was a welcome contrast to all of the other fabrics we had, and the style of the chair was perfect for the overall vibe.

The counter stools are made of wood but the lines are super cool! You’ll get a peek at them below.

The Dining Room

There were quite a few treasures in Tracee’s dining room–namely her hand-carved dining table from India and an antique chest of drawers that her mother had given her.

Unfortunately, the space wasn’t laid out in a way that highlighted either piece or created an inviting space that she wanted to spend time in…

…so it became her storage area.

Now in a small luxury unit like this, square footage is a premium, so it was unthinkable to have so much underused space!

Here’s how we laid out this room:

When I walked into this room, I immediately knew that a corner banquette was the way to go!

Since the room is small and we needed to leave enough clearance for Tracee and her guests to maneuver through the French doors leading out onto the balcony, a banquette would allow us to shift the placement of the pieces to the right without making the room feel unbalanced.

We also wanted to keep Tracee’s beautiful table and her reclaimed dining chairs.

Lastly, we took the hide rug from her living room and placed it in the room because the size of it worked better here.

The Master Bedroom


To be fair, we took this photo when Tracee’s cleaning crew was there helping her purge some items!

Nevertheless, her master bedroom is fairly small with only one full wall (one with no window or door openings) so there was very little we could do to alter the space plan.

Her two chests were originally placed on the far right wall (upon walking into the room) side-by-side and made to appear as one long unit.

We split them up and placed them on each side of the bed so that you could actually see the hand-carved detailing on them.

Next, we found a beautiful new headboard that would convey Tracee’s BohoChic vibe, and we used another of her salvage finds–a tall wingback chair– to create a nice little sitting area in an underused corner.


We mentioned that Tracee’s art was the foundation for our color choices.

In the piece above, you can see most of the colors we used in the space, and believe it or not many of her other pieces had some variation of those colors in them.

Also, Tracee’s feature wall played right into the teal theme, and her duvet cover in the bedroom was an extension of the shades in the living room/dining room but in more muted tones.

Infusing this space with color was not going to be a challenge at all, BUT in order to add punches of color without making the space feel small, cramped, too busy or heavy, we had to create the right backdrop.

That meant we had to get rid of the sad, sad brown…

In the picture above, you can see that her wall color was a yellow beige and her trim was a muddy brown.


Really, Luxury High Rise Designer?!? THIS is what you painted ALL of the trim throughout the entire unit?!?


There was no way to bring in the bright, fresh color palette we had created using fabrics, art and accessories with those colors as a backdrop!

So, step one was neutralizing the space so that the walls and trim disappeared.

We achieved this by having all of the walls and trim painted off-white.

The transformation will blow you away!



Want a peek at some of the elements we chose for this project?

Take a look at just a few of our favorites from each room!

You’ll have to be just a little more patient to see how everything came together in the end!

We’ve got our photoshoot scheduled for Friday, and then WE’LL have to be patient as we wait for the finished photos to arrive in our inbox!

Stay tuned for our big reveal!

In the meantime, what do you think of our space plan, color palette and selections? Which room are you most excited to see?

Let me know in the comments below!

Author: Arianne Bellizaire

Interior designer, blogger, and public speaker Arianne Bellizaire creates spaces that are beautiful yet highly functional for her clients. She served as one of only nine 2015 High Point Market Authority Style Spotters, and she has been featured in Rue Magazine, House Beautiful Online, GoodHousekeeping, EditorAtLarge, U.S. News & World Report, Roomhints, About.com, USA Today, and MyFitItUpLife!

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