Villeroy and Boch Challenge – The Plan!

Happy Friday, everyone!

Today is our second installment of our six-week Villeroy and Boch color challenge!

Last week I shared with you that I had been selected as one of THREE finalists for their #VBColorstheBathroom contest!

The goal of this challenge is to design a colorful bathroom around their beautiful new Artis washbasin collection!


When Villeroy & Boch contacted me about this opportunity a few months ago, they told me about their new Artis collection and allowed me to see a sneak peek of the new collection!

Once I had a look at the collection, they asked me to select a basin in the shape and color of my preference and challenged me to design a bathroom around the piece.

“We want people to see the possibilities of what color can do in the home!” they said.

Was I up for the challenge?



Let’s be honest.

When it comes to bathroom design, most people tend to make conservative design choices because they are concerned about resale value.

I say, whose house is this, anyway?!?!

Why not take the opportunity to infuse these spaces with color and interest?

I tell my clients all the time: I’d rather see you push the envelope in a way that reflects the things you love and fills your heart with delight every time you enter the room than to settle for a bland and boring space!

So, when the opportunity to participate in this challenge presented itself, I chose to “walk the talk” by illustrating this in my own powder room.

I selected an oval version of the Artis basin in the beautiful shade of Ocean because the richness of the color reminds me of one of my favorite vacation destinations: the beach!

When I sat down to sketch out the concept for this powder room, I knew that I wanted two things.

First, I wanted the Artis basin to be the star of the show, so although this challenge is all about color I knew that I had to bring in elements that wouldn’t overshadow the star.

Second, I wanted the space to have a cohesive theme.

This is the same approach I take in all of my design concepts: getting a clear picture of the overarching theme for the space and then finding elements that subtly (and sometimes not so subtly) communicate that theme.

So, what’s my theme for this space?

The four elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

The basin is my nod to water with its fluid shape and vibrant blue color.

The next element quite literally fell into my lap!

I was sitting in my office sketching the layout for the bathroom and I looked over to my bookcase and noticed that my wallpaper books were slumped over.

Afraid that they would eventually topple onto the floor, I walked over to straighten them, and my attention was immediately grabbed by the cover of this sample book.

The colors are beautiful, but the design of the paper featured on the cover immediately reminded me of a sliced geode!


I was convinced that this was the paper I would use in the design because the blues in this colorway almost exactly match the color of the basin…

…which is also ultimately the reason I opted to go with a different colorway instead!

Since the colors matched too closely, I was afraid that the basin would get lost, so here is the colorway we are going with instead:

Isn’t it beautiful?

Major Changes

So, what’s in store for this powder room?

Here are some of the major changes we’ll be making:

  • We’ll be taking out the pedestal sink of course and putting in a cabinet to rest the Artis washbasin on.
  • We’ll be adding in our beautiful wallpaper.
  • We’ll cover the stained concrete floors with a gorgeous mosaic tile.
  • We’ll add all new lighting fixtures.


That’s all we have for our second week!

Don’t forget to follow the hashtag #VBColorsTheBathroom and their Instagram @VilleroyBochBathUSA!

The voting period will begin after my reveal on April 21!

If you want to be notified when voting opens, you can follow this link and click “Notify Me When I Can Vote For Arianne!”

Thank you for following me through this process! We are so honored to be a part of an amazing contest with an amazing company!

Author: Arianne Bellizaire

Interior designer, blogger, and public speaker Arianne Bellizaire creates spaces that are beautiful yet highly functional for her clients. She served as one of only nine 2015 High Point Market Authority Style Spotters, and she has been featured in Rue Magazine, House Beautiful Online, GoodHousekeeping, EditorAtLarge, U.S. News & World Report, Roomhints,, USA Today, and MyFitItUpLife!

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