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In a previous post, I shared with you some tips for how to know what furniture pieces to keep, and I also shared some tips for how repurposing and refinishing pieces can bring new life to a tired old piece of furniture.

Today, I want to show you some real world application…in my own home no less!

Disclaimer: I am NOT a “DIYer”, so if you aren’t either know that there is still hope for you!

You, too, can transform pieces in your home! You just have to call in an expert or two to help you out!

I reached out to two top local upholsterers to help me makeover some bargain finds, and you won’t believe the before and after pictures!

The key is to rehabbing furniture is to look past the surface! If you know what lines to look for and what brands are known for quality workmanship, you’re way ahead of the game!

The Sofa

I found this sofa at the Salvation Army for $59!


recycled reupholstered sofa

recycled reupholstered sofa

recycled reupholstered sofa

recycled reupholstered sofa

I knew that the lines were good, and when I flipped up the cushion and saw that the piece was made by Century Furniture (one of the top upholstery companies out of North Carolina) I knew that I had found a gem!

So, I had the sofa recovered in a gorgeous cream-colored bamboo linen blend fabric.

recycled reupholstered sofa, chair, wingback

Here’s the finished product.

recycled reupholstered sofa, chair, wingback

recycled reupholstered sofa, chair, wingback

A similar sofa can be found in the $2000-3500 price range…especially one made by this brand. My total cost including the sofa, materials and labor was a fraction of the cost.

Club chairs:

I scored these two club chairs for $40 at a local flea market!

recycled reupholstered club chair

recycled reupholstered club chair

recycled reupholstered club chair

I chose a to wrap the backs of the chairs with a beautiful herringbone print tone-on-tone teal chenille fabric.


I also used this fabric for the welting on the chair cushions and border.



The inside of the frame and seat cushion are covered in a durable linen cotton blend fabric.

Here’s the finished product:


The Wingback

This Wingback chair was only $19 at Goodwill!

recycled reupholstered wingback chair

I had it recovered in this fabulous Greek key tan/beige fabric. Looks like a million bucks now!




So all of the seating in my living room is reclaimed furniture! That’s ONE way to really stretch a budget without sacrificing good design!

But that’s not all…

I really, really, really wanted a new dining room table and chairs for this new house. The old set just felt too dated and drab to me.

Decorating an entire house is not cheap, and unfortunately a new dining room set was not in the cards at this time.

The Dining Chairs

Using a little bit of creativity and with the help of some stunning fabrics I was able to give these dining room chairs a completely new look.



I chose a cream colored leather with a hint of shimmer for the inside back of the chair and seat.




Then, I had the backs of the chairs covered in a fabric that has a faint shimmer stripe. What a transformation!


So you see! The possibilities are endless when you have a little bit of creativity, resourcefulness, and a good eye!

Author: Arianne Bellizaire

Interior designer, blogger, and public speaker Arianne Bellizaire creates spaces that are beautiful yet highly functional for her clients. She served as one of only nine 2015 High Point Market Authority Style Spotters, and she has been featured in Rue Magazine, House Beautiful Online, GoodHousekeeping, EditorAtLarge, U.S. News & World Report, Roomhints,, USA Today, and MyFitItUpLife!

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