Inspiration From Ixtapa

Hello Monday!

I’m officially back to reality after a lovely, seven-day family vacation to the Club Med resort in Ixtapa, Mexico.

To be honest, I was so busy with work in the weeks leading up to this trip that I didn’t give it much thought. My husband would text me a daily countdown of how many days we had left before the trip, but all I could think of was the stress of packing, the blog posts I needed to write and the checklist of details for a master bedroom project I’d be installing once we returned.

In fact, I was a bit resentful that this trip would force me to pause my hectic work schedule. In this line of work, you’ve got to get while the gittin’s good!

“Ain’t nobody got time for a vacation,” I thought.

Boy was I wrong.

From the moment my hubby clicked on the lights in our bedroom at 5 a.m. on Sunday morning to announce that it was time to get ready to head to the airport (I think he was more excited about the trip than the kids were), I started to feel a little bit of my resentment melt away. There’s something about seeing a 37-year-old man grin like a kid that’ll do that to you.

My kids were so geeked about riding on an airplane, they hopped out of bed and were dressed in record time! They didn’t even complain about not having time to eat breakfast!

We arrived at the airport and the last, lingering feelings of anxiety gave way to pure joy as I watched my kids bounce around and exclaim over the smallest things.

“An escalator, cool!”

“Security, wow! It’s like tv.”

“A conveyor belt right in the middle of the airport! Impressive!”

Right then and there I made a decision to enjoy the trip and to approach each moment with a spirit of gratitude. I decided to be grateful for the fact that we could afford the time and money to take a vacation when others can’t.

I decided to live in the moment.

The kids handled the first flight like pros, and when we reached Houston, they found out about the big surprise we had been keeping–enter the grandparents!

You can see the highlights of our seven day trip to paradise in less than seven minutes by watching this video. Enjoy!

Let me just say this for Club Med…they really know how to give you an exceptional experience!

I’ve never seen a harder working, more dedicated, FRIENDLY resort staff (and I’ve been to some fabulous resorts!).

The corporate culture of this organization is one that should be studied by entrepreneurs and business leaders around the world. What could possibly motivate a staff to work 14-16+ hours a day and do it all with a smile and a kind word?

As for me, I had a blast! I was also inspired by the beauty of the architecture around me.

Here are a few of my favorite photos from the trip:



















I hope this post helps you realize that taking care of yourself is essential to being the best person you can be. I also hope this post helps you realize that there is inspiration all around us. From the beauty of nature to the architecture of historic buildings to the phenomenal work ethic of the hotel staff to the bright-eyed innocence of your children.

Stay inspired and have a blessed week!

Author: Arianne Bellizaire

Interior designer, blogger, and public speaker Arianne Bellizaire creates spaces that are beautiful yet highly functional for her clients. She served as one of only nine 2015 High Point Market Authority Style Spotters, and she has been featured in Rue Magazine, House Beautiful Online, GoodHousekeeping, EditorAtLarge, U.S. News & World Report, Roomhints,, USA Today, and MyFitItUpLife!

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