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Tecnogas Superiore: One To Watch

tecnogas superiore, design, range, hood, luxury, kitchen, italian, innovative, technology

Last month, I had the opportunity to travel to London as a part of the DesignHounds London Design Festival Blog Tour. The trip was an opportunity for me to attend four international design shows: Decorex International, 100% Design, Design Junction and Tent London. Traveling abroad is not an inexpensive endeavor, but the value I knew I […] Read more…



On Thursday, August 10th, we had no idea that the lives of so many of our friends and neighbors would be changed drastically.

I remember seeing the flash flood alert pop up on my iPhone that night as I sat and watched TV with my kids.

For much of the summer, our city has experienced sporadic yet heavy rain storms. In most cases, the storms would end as quickly as they started, an inconvenience but not at all debilitating—that is until we received an email from the school at 9 p.m. on Thursday night announcing that it would be closed the following day due to heavy rain and “potential flooding.”

Talk about an understatement! Read more…

Interior Design Projects Update

interior design, design, home, construction, decorating, floor plan. 3D rendering, renderings, decorating, baton rouge, louisiana, designer, decorator

Hi there! Remember me? Yes, I’m slowly returning to the land of blogging! I’ve learned something about myself. I have not yet found a way to strike a balance between an increasing interior design workload and an active blog. Don’t get me wrong! I love writing and creating content. However, when I’m in the midst of […] Read more…

Sneak Peek At The New Introductions From John-Richard Collection


It’s time for High Point Market again, and although I won’t be there to soak up all the design inspiration and new product introductions in person, I’ve got the scoop on some very exciting new designer collaborations and trend-setting product introductions including the huge things happening for my friends at John-Richard! I’m sharing a few sneak peeks […] Read more…

Luxe Master Bedroom Reveal


Hi everyone! I’m here with another exciting reveal! One of my favorite spaces to decorate is the Master Bedroom. There is just something about a bedroom that allows you to be a little more dramatic and over-the-top than you probably would be in the more public areas of the home. I feel like the master […] Read more…

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