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Best of London Tour: Day 3


It is day THREE of my journey to London for the Design Festival, and I am loving all that I’m seeing here! Today, we started the morning with a trip out to the country-side, a little antique shopping and a delicious brunch. Next, we headed to the Chelsea Harbour Design Centre to see some of their […] Read more…

Best of London Tour: Day 1


Hello from beautiful London! Yesterday, after a relatively uneventful travel day, I arrived in Kensington to begin my Design Hounds London Tour 2016 adventure! Here are some of the recaps of my day: Good morning from London! For the next few days @kensingtonhotel will be my home away from home. I'm trying as hard as […] Read more…

Design Bloggers Tour Fall 2016


One of my favorite design events of the year is High Point Market. Twice a year for the past few years, I’ve traveled to this market to see the latest in home fashion trends, shop for client projects and even serve as a Market Style Spotter. This year, I was not able to make the […] Read more…

How to Hire Your Dream Contractor

home renovation

As you may already know, many people in my home state of Louisiana were affected by devastating flood waters last month. You can read more about that here. Consequently, those who suffered flood damage have suddenly found themselves thrown into the unexpected and overwhelming situation of having to completely gut and renovate their homes. With […] Read more…



On Thursday, August 10th, we had no idea that the lives of so many of our friends and neighbors would be changed drastically.

I remember seeing the flash flood alert pop up on my iPhone that night as I sat and watched TV with my kids.

For much of the summer, our city has experienced sporadic yet heavy rain storms. In most cases, the storms would end as quickly as they started, an inconvenience but not at all debilitating—that is until we received an email from the school at 9 p.m. on Thursday night announcing that it would be closed the following day due to heavy rain and “potential flooding.”

Talk about an understatement! Read more…

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